How does bidding on a silent auction work? A silent auction is a type of fundraising event in which bids are placed on items during a specific time period. The highest bidder for each item wins after the auction ends. In conventional silent auctions, bidders manually write their bids on each item on paper bid sheets. Many silent auctions now take place online or through mobile bidding, providing participants with greater convenience and a broader reach. Bidders can view the items up for auction during a silent auction, which are typically on display for all to see. They can then bid on the items they want by writing their name, bid amount, and contact information on a bid sheet or by using an online or mobile bidding platform. Bidders can raise their bids as the auction progresses, but the new bid must be greater than the previous one. Bidders can also place a maximum bid, which instructs the system to bid on their behalf up to the amount of their maximum bid if they are outbid by another participant. The highest bidder for each item is determined when the auction ends, which is usually after a set period of time. The successful bidders are then notified and can pay for and collect their items. It’s also worth noting that many silent auctions offer a ‘buy it now’ option, which allows bidders to purchase an item for a fixed price right away, bypassing the bidding process.