Who Will Win

Who Will Win Super Bowl 50?

Who will win Super Bowl 2015?

Who will win the Super Bowl 2015? Many people all over the world are faced with what they will do for the superbowl and who will win. My belief is YOU can win! Many charities put on themed events around holidays, so why not consider being the first in your area to make the world’s best Super Bowl party fundraiser? You will already have a theme — football. Everyone in town is looking for a place to go or something to do that night. Why not make your charity’s fundraiser the place to go and the thing everyone wants to do on Super Bowl Sunday! The newspapers are looking for fillers and articles to write and so is TV. This could be a HUGE marketable night. You could have a local sportscaster MC the night. The cost to rent a venue to hold your fundraiser on most Super Bowl nights is quite reasonable. You could hold a live auction just before the game or after.  Taking advantage of the excitement and popularity of an already established event like the Super Bowl may be a great way to make your fundraising event stand out.