As the first official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is publicized, excitement builds for its release to theaters in November. Earlier this summer, Hunger Games fans were teased with teaser trailers focusing on the franchise’s villain, President Snow. This raised even more hype for the next Hunger Games release.
Through all of these little video clips, Lionsgate is demonstrating a fantastic strategy to gain an audience for their films. By creating more and more content, they are practically guaranteeing that more and more people will be aware of Mockingjay – Part 1 and its release. (Don’t believe me? I’m talking about it, and I don’t even like the Hunger Games movies.) The more people who are aware of the Mockingjay release, the more people will go to see it when it comes out. More people seeing Mockingjay equates to more money in Liongate’s pocket. All in all, a great strategy for success.

Nonprofits can benefit from this strategy as well. Just like Lionsgate depends on a devoted audience to fund their company, charities need a devoted audience to fund their cause. The trick is working to gain this audience.
It is exceedingly crucial to dedicate enough time to raising awareness for your organization and fundraising events. Don’t just announce a date that people can come to donate money on and then forget about publicity. Your fundraiser needs to be talked and posted about. The more people who hear about your charity, the larger audience you’re going to have. The larger audience you have, the more guests you’ll have on show day.

Here’s how you can make this simple concept work for you:

  • Take advantage of social media. I cannot stress this enough. Today’s world practically exists through social media. It is a powerful channel to gain an audience through. Use it.
  • Don’t stop talking about it! It may seem repetitive to you, but you must continue to get the word out about your event. The person who is reading your latest announcement may not have heard your last one. Just as Lionsgate has continued to release trailers for Mockingjay, you must continue to release “trailers” or sneak peeks for your event. Get people excited for your fundraiser.
  • Create a plan. It is much easier to update the world with new announcements or “trailers” when you have a plan. Create the content for your promos before they need to be posted. If you stay ahead of the game, you’ll have a much easier time knowing what to say when you need to say it.

The most important thing is to keep people interested. Do anything you can to get people excited and enthusiastic for your event and cause, and you will have a successful event.