Taylor Mitchell showed signs of being a great success in the folk music industry at the young age of 19. Her new album, “For Your Consideration”, was well-liked and led her nomination for the Canadian Folk Music Award for young performer of the year!

Tragedy struck while hiking Tuesday in the highlands of Nova Scotia, when she was attacked by two coyotes. A group of hikers scared the coyotes away and she was taken to the hospital and air lifted to Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. Tragically the injuries were so severe that she did not recover. This bright rising star died October 28th 2009.

As a benefit and charity auctioneer, I hope her legacy and mind for the arts lives on not only through her music and followers, but through some form of foundation.

It’s sad that many folks make an impact in our life and we don’t carry on their legacy. It should be our goal to continue their positive impact in the world. This reminds me of the story of the butterfly effect or the way the ripple of a wave can have an impact across the globe. It’s the positive impact, like Taylor Mitchell’s life, that needs to be planted so it lives on.

These are the minds that need to continue to affect and inspire us and also get people to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

Think of someone that has affected your life or an organization that has made an impact. Help that voice continue to be heard and you will have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, backing you saying, “I am here to stand up and be counted for the cause!”