The best items sold at auction and fundraisers are the most unique!

George Lucas of Lucas Films has just come out with one of the most unique items yet for all you Star Wars fans.  It is a set of 6 hard cover leather-bound books (one book for each of the six Star Wars movies)  that include 1416 frames of the movies.  These images of the legendary movies were hand-picked by George Lucas himself.  This item is very limited with only 1138 copies available.  These unique books come in a gorgeous wooden box with medallions on either side, sculptures of Star Wars characters.  The authenticity certificate is signed by George Lucas himself.  What a unique purchase for the Star Wars fan! 

Why am I talking about something like this?  My point is that the items that sell the best at fundraisers are items that are one-of-a-kind.  Rather than auctioning off a board member’s time share condo at your gala event, make it more UNIQUE.  You might include a local ski trip, along with a volunteer to be a chef for the day.  Maybe you can even get an airline, like Southwest, to donate round-trip tickets and a local limousine company to pick everyone up.  That would make this a one-of-a-kind all inclusive item!  Having successful auction items for your fundraiser takes a lot of work, and you must first know your crowd and what they will bid on.  However, it will pay off for your charity if done correctly.  So what are you waiting for?  May the force be with you!