Professional benefit auctioneers, charity auctioneers, and fundraising auctioneers for charity auction fundraisers
Looking for a professional charity auctioneer, benefit auctioneer, or fundraising auctioneer to conduct your next charity auction? Are you planning a benefit auction and need new fundraising ideas?

What is the difference between a benefit auctioneer, a charity auctioneer, or a fundraising auctioneer? Is a regular auctioneer that sells pots and pans or cars the same thing?

Hot Auctioneering does more than just a fast-talking chant. Hiring a foot surgeon to do brain surgery would not work, just as hiring an estate sale or livestock auctioneer to conduct your gala charity auction is not the same. We provide the services of a benefit auctioneer; we also offer fundraising consulting. Our fundraising consultant services include assistance in the planning and organizing of your live auction and silent auction events. Charity auctioneer, Kevin Rutter, will be the ambassador for your nonprofit organization and your fundraising consultant. With our complete charity auction services, we will ignite the magic at your next charity auction. Hot Auctioneering is here to provide your fundraising consulting and charity event planning services. Our team of fundraising consultants, event planners, and benefit auctioneers have “a burning desire to serve you at your next charity auction.”

  • Our first priority is to make your benefit auction profitable.
  • We know how important it is to put the FUN back in fundraising.
  • More than just your paid bid-caller, we are your charity auction consultants.
  • Are you considering a live auction for your next charity event?

If you are ready to make more money at your next charity event, contact us.

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