Recently, New York City has changed a law for taxi drivers concerning what they can wear. The Taxi and Limo Commission decided to change the image of their drivers. The new law now requests that taxi drivers wear something clean-cut and professional. Even in the chaotic and busy streets of New York, businesses realize that image is important. Forty-seven million people come to visit New York every year and altogether spend $30 billion.  The commissioners obviously wanted to help the image of New York by making transportation a more pleasant experience and, hopefully for them, making the total amount of visiting tourists and the money they spend increase.

Just as New York sees the value in appearance, a non-profit organization should also see the value in image. You might not make 30 billion dollars a year at your non-profit, but regardless of what you are making, image is very important. Consider your image. To your donors, does your organization look like it is worth a donation of a million dollars, or does it look like it is worth a donation of 5 bucks?