Motorized La-Z-Boy at AuctionIn August 2008, Dennis Anderson, an auto body mechanic, was arrested for drinking and driving after he crashed while driving his motorized La-Z-Boy. Dennis installed a lawn mower engine, wheels, radio, and headlights. He even equipped this one of a kind contraption with a steering wheel and seatbelt.

Ok, this item might not be for you but I don’t know how many times I have seen one of a kind items sell extremely well at auctions. The facts remain true one of a kind or interesting items can sometimes bring in large financial gains, even if it’s just a flower pot or a chair. I am not sure if that’s what this man had in mind when building this. Either way it’s now up for auction. Late night talk shows have even been making jokes about it! This item has drawn a lot of attention from the news papers and news stations along with a lot of internet attention. Imagine that kind of free publicity at your next auction?

So the next time you think of a fundraising auction, think of this strange but interesting story and you might come up with a unique idea that will bring a lot of marketing attention or a lot of money. Maybe even both!