Despite the new look, Jay Leno’s new show’s viewer ratings are dropping. Some say it’s because he changed his comedy writers. Others are saying it’s his time slot. But one thing is for sure, if his show continues to lose viewers, his show will not be on very long.

The news comes as Leno’s ratings continue to soften. Six weeks since his 10 p.m. debut of “The Leno Show”, he hit a series low (1.2) on Friday. Then episodes on Monday (1.4) and Wednesday (1.5) were the lowest yet for those respective nights, with Tuesday (1.8) matching its low.

Hosting a fundraising event is very similar.

The time slot of your event is important. You might have people accustomed to a Friday night and switching to what appears to be a better time slot, like a Saturday, could have negative effects. Just like Jay Leno switching his time slot. However, hosting an auction on a Saturday is traditionally the best day for an event and usually brings in larger groups of potential donors. Although having a better time slot (like Jay Leno) is not the only thing to rely on.

Jay Leno’s comedy writers and their group meetings are a lot like the planners and committees of well-ran profitable fundraising events.

Planning the time the auction starts, when to have the food, scheduling entertainment that adds and not distracts from the event, and when the event will end. The list goes on and on. (For a free detailed list of how to plan a successful charity auction, contact us.)

By the time the television show starts and is live on the air, there is little that can be done to affect the show just like an auction. It’s the time and hard work spent before the event that will make the night a success.

To have an event filled with energy and guests that aren’t just following the mundane motions of going to a fundraising auction but are involved, excited, and emotionally connected to the charity auction, takes the commitment and professionalism of a group of knowledgeable people ready for the curtain call.