It seems like no matter how healthy you are, no matter how well you eat, we are all destined to die.  If any man was able to live to 150 years old, it was Jack LaLanne.  If you have the time, Google search “Jack LaLanne” and you will find out how well this man ate and how healthy a lifestyle he lived.  Even at age 96, he could out-swim or out-run most people in their thirties.  However, now this American icon at the ripe old age of 96 has passed away.
I always admired Jack LaLanne.  Jack didn’t give up when he got tired.  I saw him do 1000 push-ups on T.V. in just 23 minutes and I am amazed at the countless other amazing records he set through the years.  For Jack, it was his passion; it was a lifestyle.  I am fortunate to be doing a job that I am passionate about.  Maybe your passion is not fundraisers, auctions or being an auctioneer.  Maybe your current job is not where you feel you should be.  Maybe it’s something else in your life?  What’s holding you back?
If there is anything we can learn from Jack LaLanne, it’s to follow your passions and live the life you were called to live, because yes, even your time will come to pass.  What legacy are you leaving behind when it’s your time?