Why did Elsa from ‘Frozen’ show up on the season finale of the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ last night?  Because the creators of the show knew that ‘Frozen’ and Elsa are trending, they are the thing right now.  She is the newest and most popular princess for the moment and will attract viewers, their bottom line.  Do you have an upcoming charity auction event?  Are you planning your next fundraising gala?  Some recent benefit auctions I’ve conducted have used fun themes to attract a great crowd.  When searching for a theme, take a look a popular trends.

Themes can improve your event for several reasons.  Some organizations have chosen to use the same theme every year to create a familiar annual event that their guests remember and want to experience as a yearly tradition.  Other organizations would rather change their theme every year so that their returning guests have something different to look forward to and be excited about for next year.  Either of these techniques can work depending on the theme that you choose.  The bottom line is to have a theme.

I have seen many great fundraising event themes thought up by creative event coordinators:  a “Dancing with the Stars” event put on by a ballet organization, an annual western-themed barn dance that everyone looks forward to, a Kentucky Derby party….the list could go on.  If you have a committee working on your event, have them all come up with ideas, put them on a list, and take a vote.  You may be surprised by the creativity in your midst!

A charity event with a fun theme will be more successful.  It will attract more publicity and therefore more guests.  People are busy and go to many events throughout the year, a good theme will help your event be remembered.  It also gives your event some symmetry, or harmony, when the decorations, the entertainment, and the atmosphere share a common thread.  Give it a try and watch the results!