I am from Denver, but because I often travel as a charity auctioneer, sometimes I forget about the amazing charities right here in Colorado.  These are normal people, like you and me, who are using their talents to give to others in a creative way.  I would like to spread the word about them to encourage people to give to these organizations and also to inspire others to find a way to use their talents to help those in need.

I recently heard about a nonprofit named, The Wedding Pink, that was featured on Channel 7 News.  This nonprofit was founded by Cheryl Ungar, a breast cancer survivor and wedding photographer.  She has provided not just wedding photos for couples but puts together an entire wedding package for those who have had to deal with breast cancer.  Vendors from Denver have teamed up and contributed their services to provide dream weddings for many who are grateful for even having the opportunity to marry at all.  For women who are fighting breast cancer, the dream of a beautiful wedding is not realistic.  The moment by moment fight against a horrible disease takes all the energy out of one’s life and pushes “less important” things out of focus.  Cheryl Ungar has found a wonderful way to bless these struggling cancer survivors by giving them a wedding, taking care of everything so they can focus on staying healthy.  Please visit her website, http://www.cherylungargives.com/, and learn more about her story. 

I was touched by this charity because it is so simple.  Someone has a talent, an ability, and decides to use it in a way that gives to someone in need.  Working as a charity auctioneer, I see lots of money raised for charities.  When we think of giving to charities, we think of money, but there are other things to give.  What talents do you have?  Have you learned a trade that could be used to help someone that is economically or physically unable to help themself?  We all have abilities and talents.  Be inspired by others and take some time to inventory yours.  Be creative and “give away” an ability or talent that you have.