Event Auctioneers Who Are The Best?

Event Auctioneers, also known as fundraising or charity auctioneers, play an important role in helping schools and organizations raise money for their causes. These professionals are highly skilled at conducting event auctions. Creating excitement among attendees, which can result in higher bids and more funds raised. Here are just a few reasons why hiring [...]

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Fundraising Auctioneer: How & When To Hire For Your Next Event.

Fundraising Auctioneer Tips and Best Practices When Hiring: If you are planning a fundraising event for your nonprofit organization, school, or charity you maybe considering hiring a professional auctioneer to lead your fundraiser. A professional auctioneer can help you maximize the funds raised for your event and ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. [...]

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Acquiring Silent Auction Items

Everyone wants to have a successful silent auction.  What items you offer in your auction are important to increase your income for this event and to entice attendees to future events. The first important step is to gather an effective Auction Acquisitions Committee - a group of volunteers who are responsible for acquiring your live [...]

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