Why Are So Many Fundraisers Doing Online or Mobile Bidding Auctions?

Mobile Bidding & Online Bidding Fundraisers The great strides in technology have done wonders for the organizers of fundraising events, simplifying many tasks. Some recent technology trends in the fundraising event industry are garnering lots of attention. However, online and mobile bidding auctions may not be as beneficial as they seem. Most of [...]

Phoenix Arizona Charity Auctioneer Produces Amazing Results at Fundraiser

Benefit Fundraising Charity Auctioneer Phoenix Arizona Fundraising Charity Auctioneer Phoenix Arizona Doubles Events Earnings As a benefit fundraising charity auctioneer at a charity auction in Phoenix this week, I had a chance to take this event to the next level. Working many fundraising events, big and small, I get to see behind the [...]

Fundraising Charity Auctioneer in New Jersey Raises Bids High!

Fundraising Charity Auctioneer New Jersey While working as a charity auctioneer in New Jersey at a charity fundraising auction and analyzing the success it generated, I quickly confirmed the 6 key points that make it worthwhile to hire a professional benefit auctioneer here in New Jersey just like anywhere else in the country [...]

How to Solicit National Companies for Your Fundraiser

Nonprofits and charities are always on the look out for better fundraising items for their charity auction. Many fundraisers have a good grasp on receiving donations from local companies but what about getting items from national companies? Obtaining items this way may appear more difficult due to the fact that you are not able to [...]

NY Bronx Zoo – Name a Roach for Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

  New York City charity auctions are a lot of fun. Being an auctioneer, I get to see some very entertaining and unique ways to raise money for nonprofits and charities at fundraisers. If you’re looking for a creative idea that will go viral, look at what the Bronx Zoo has been doing since 2011 [...]

No Time for a Live Auction at Fundraising Charity Event? Consider a Specialized 8 Minute Auction!

Working as a charity auctioneer in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Arizona, Colorado, California or just about anywhere, I hear once in a while that an event has too much going on to have time added for a live auctioneer at the charity auction gala. Truth be known, if you have award presentations, [...]

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The Mockingjay Trailer & Your Audience

As the first official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is publicized, excitement builds for its release to theaters in November. Earlier this summer, Hunger Games fans were teased with teaser trailers focusing on the franchise’s villain, President Snow. This raised even more hype for the next Hunger Games release. Through all [...]

Don’t Conduct Your Charity Auction In a New York Minute

Wow, May has been an incredible month for charity auction events! Event coordinators from Phoenix, Arizona to New York are asking for advice about their upcoming auctions. Several benefit events that I have conducted in the last couple of weeks have been first-timers, organizations that have never hosted a charity auction before, and they have [...]

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