As a benefit auctioneer in Denver, Colorado, I have been saddened by the financial struggles of many local nonprofits that are doing their best to bring aid to those in need.  Colorado is experiencing a 9% unemployment rate and charitable giving is down.  As nonprofits operate with less and less revenue, their ability to support people who are struggling is decreased.  It seems like a reversal of the economic law of “supply and demand”.

As the Denver Mayoral race unfolded in the media, much of the discussion turned toward Denver’s fiscal problems.  Denver is expected to have a $100 million shortfall in its budget.  To handle this budget crisis, many cuts to important government-funded programs will be considered.  Most of these programs directly or indirectly bring aid to those less fortunate in our community.  Whatever decisions are made in the future, sacrifices are necessary to correct Denver’s fiscal crisis.  As these programs experience cutbacks, there will be great demands for nonprofits to fill in the gaps.

My job as a benefit auctioneer is to bring in the funds to these charities so that they can fulfill these needs.  I conduct many successful charity auction events that raise incredible amounts of revenue and I see it going right back into our cities.  There are many nonprofits that decide to turn a “down” year around with a well-planned and thought-out benefit auction event.  A great fundraising event is a win-win for everyone involved, the givers and the receivers.  It is a hard time for nonprofits right now; but, because it is a hard time, nonprofits are so vital to our community.   Please remember these charities as you look at your own family budget and do your best to support them in this time of great need.