Silent Auction Software, Online Auction Software, Mobile Bidding, & Charity Auction Software – Is It All The Same?

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Auction Software

Auction software is a very broad term usually meaning an individual program or web-based portal for an online bidding style platform like eBay available to the general public or for a private event. Many of these auction software programs do far more than just allow bidding and buying items. Many of the auction software on the market and web-based software online will also have an auction management feature allowing you to have additional resources including reports, tracking, and payment processing. Many different features and types of auction software are available so saying “I need auction software,” could mean a lot of things. We specialize in working with fundraisers, non-profits, schools, and charity auctions. If you’re in need of auction software for one of these types of events you have come to the right place. We can suggest some of the top programs on the market, but we first need to know what type of auction software you are looking for. Is this for a golf event? A large charity auction? Will you be using the auction software for your silent auction? What about mobile bidding or running your auction software online? With the large range of auction software products available now and with technology as good as it is, there are many choices of auction software on the market. Hot Auctioneering has worked with thousands of schools, churches, charities, and fundraisers all over the United States raising millions of dollars. We can pinpoint the best auction software on the market and the most affordable rate. Contact us or fill out the form below and we can recommend the best product for your specific fundraising or charity auction event.

Free Auction Software

Free auction software is an option and, yes, free auction software is available. Many clients who are budget-minded or running a small charity or fundraising auction will search for options that are cost-effective and even look for free silent auction software or a complete free auction software option. Free auction software is not always the best. However, free auction software might be right for you based on your particular needs and services. Some of the larger auction software companies offer a simplified free auction software option with upgraded services that have added fees. However, there are complete free auction software programs on the market! This is helpful for many charities and fundraisers who continue to use them with great success year after year. We here at Hot Auctioneering offer services for all your fundraising needs. Our full staff of charity auctioneers and fundraising consultants is here to help you with all your fundraising auction needs, including resources to connect you to free auction software. Our team is highly trained and can handle any job – from silent auctions, auction management, acquisition of free auction items and vacation packages, to assistance in developing new guests and donors. We also have an audio visual technician on staff to make the best appeal video to your donors. We can handle all kinds of fundraising projects. Free auction software might be all you need and we can provide that with no strings attached. However, call us and we can provide a wealth of information for all your other charity auction and fundraising needs as well.

Silent Auction Software

When your charity is looking for silent auction software for just your silent auction, you will find many options online, in fact, maybe too many options. Which silent auction software is the best? Is there any charity or fundraiser that has tried all of the silent auction software on the market? The answer is Hot Auctioneering. We travel all over the country providing benefit, charity auctioneer, and fundraising consulting services to charities and schools raising millions of dollars every year. Working with so many organizations has allowed us to see all of the programs on the market. Working with all of the top programs, we know what’s best and suggest the best option for you depending on your budget, size of event, and needs. Believe it or not, doing a silent auction with sheets of paper and templates is still one of the most cost-effective ways and typically how most charity organizations start out. Many fundraisers are still conducting very successful auctions the old-fashioned way with sheets of paper and see no reason to pay for silent auction software. However, adding silent auction software does have many benefits like tracking your event and speeding up check-in and check-out lines. You don’t have to use the mobile bid or smart phone option that some feel takes away from the social aspect of the event to still benefit from silent auction software. We can suggest several silent auction software options based on your specific needs. Call us at Hot Auctioneering or fill out the form below and we will give you a list of silent auction software options. No matter what type of silent auction you are running, we can provide software options, silent auction ideas, and many other options for your event. We offer a complete range of benefit, charity auctioneer, and fundraising consulting services. Call us today to find out more about the service we offer.

Charity Auction Software

Charity auction software typically will do everything – manage your charity auction, run your silent auction, and provide check-in and check-out services for your charity auction. The charity auction software will probably have a mobile bidding software option. If not, we can see if mobile bidding is right for you and suggest one for you. When your charity is looking for silent auction software there are a lot of options. Doing it with sheets of paper and using templates is the most cost-effective way and many organizations are still doing it this way with great success. Adding silent auction software is a simple upgrade that we can help with. Call us at Hot Auctioneering or fill out the form below and we will give you a list of silent auction software options. No matter what type of silent auction you are running, we can provide a list of silent auction ideas and options for your event.

Online Auction Software

Online auction software is a term that means it is internet based or “on the cloud”. The online auction software is typically used for online bidding and managing your auction. This could be to run your entire school fundraiser or nonprofit’s silent charity auction online. You may not even have an event people actually attend. The links for the online auction software are passed around through social media. Market your online auction through your website and email blasts to get the word out that you are having an online auction to raise money for your cause. This is more of an Ebay-style fundraiser. Hot Auctioneering has worked with several companies with this style of fundraising auctions and we can assist you with this as well.

Mobile Bidding

Mobile bidding is unique auction technology. Mobile bidding is used to allow charities to accept bids on silent auction items without using the traditional sheets of paper you usually see on silent auction tables. Mobile bidding is used by your guest or donor at your fundraising auction or charity auction using a smart phone or tablet to mobile bid on items using their phone. They will be notified when they have been outbid, typically with an alert or text. Most mobile bidding software requires you to download an app from the Apple or Google App Store. Another option the mobile software company might do is send you a text message and you will click the link and the mobile bidding software will be linked up to your phone so you can start using your phone to bid on silent auction items. Mobile bidding is sometimes used for other services at fundraising events including at the appeal, paddle raiser or fund-a-need ask at the end. Rather than having your donors or guests raise their hand or paddle, the mobile bidding software company will suggest your guests to type in or click the “give” button. If you would like to use mobile bidding, you must ensure that your venue has good cellular service reception. Your auction may be affected by bad reception, slower outdated cell phones, and your guests’ reluctance to use this technology. Free mobile bidding options on the market are very limited. Contact us and we can give a list of great options.

Services Offered To Charities & Fundraisers That We Work With:

Charity & Fundraising Auctioneer Services

– Live auctions raise far more money than any silent auction, are more fun, and take a lot less work. If you want less stress consider hiring one of our charity auctioneers. They are highly sought after all over the United States. We consistently out perform all other auctioneers.

Silent & Live Auction Items

– We have acquired a huge list of places to obtain free live and silent auction items. We upgrade the list every year. We are in the know every week and know where to locate the best free fundraising auction items and even the best-consigned auction items at the very cheapest prices

Consulting and Planning

– Raising as much money as we do you see many fundraisers that work and several that don’t we have learned a lot through the years and are charity fundraising experts We provide fundraising consultant and charity consultant services for non-profits, schools, and charities.