No one else can I G N I T E the excitement at your charity auction event like Hot Auctioneering!

Income generation

Our first priority is to make your benefit auction profitable.  Income is the reason for hosting your charity event but sometimes that main objective gets lost backstage amidst all the planning and ideas.  We strive to maximize the potential of your event, or in simple terms, bring you more dollars, allowing your organization to fund its cause and therefore help more people.


At Hot Auctioneering, we are not just your paid bid-caller, but your benefit and charity auction consultants.

  • Before the auction, we immediately become a part of your staff, learning about your organization, and being involved in your committee meetings.  Our consultations are focused on your nonprofit making the most out of your auction.  You have one chance to make your event successful and we are there to help make it happen.
  • During the auction, we become the ambassador for your organization, inspiring your guests to give.
  • After the auction, we debrief your staff with a comprehensive review of the event and suggest any changes for the next auction.

Novel Ideas

We are chock-full of new ideas for your benefit auction, whether this is your first time or your fiftieth annual event.  Creative techniques allow us to maximize your potential revenues in your silent auction and live auction, recruit donors, acquire the best donated items, design fun themes, and much more.  See our latest and recent published newsletters and recent published articles for a sample.


Hot Auctioneering encourages the use of modern forms of marketing to help in promoting your event, including press releases, blogs, social networking, and websites.  We also support the use of innovative software to manage your fundraising event, the use of videos to promote your event or your emotional appeal, or technology that allows you to sell your items online if needed.


We have experience with diverse types of auctions and project the image you need from an ambassador for your organization.  A graduate of many schools of education inside and out of the auctioneering profession, Kevin Rutter is a past winner of the “World Auctioneer Championship Rising Star Award,” given to the best up and coming auctioneer in the nation.  He is a graduate of the Worldwide College of Auctioneering, graduate of the Professional Ringmen’s Institute, and graduate of the Leroy Van Dyke Auctioneer Course.  He has also been a finalist at the World Automobile Auctioneer Championship. Kevin enjoys being active in the auction industry and is a member of the National Auctioneer Association (NAA) and a member of the Colorado Auctioneer Association (CAA).


At Hot Auctioneering, we know how important it is to put the FUN back in fundraising.  Nothing is better for your auction than a room full of happy, cheerful givers.  Many of our clients save money by eliminating their expensive performers knowing that they can depend solely on us for their entertainment.  We treat the auction like the show that it should be and make your guests the stars.