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Vail Charity Auctioneer, Kevin Rutter, is Vail Charity Auctioneers. Kevin is the highest quality Vail charity auctioneer for your Vail charity gala event. Vail nonprofits choose Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering as their Vail charity auctioneer.

More than just your paid bid-caller, Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering is your fundraising auction consultant! Besides providing services as a professional charity auctioneer, we will be helping with your entire benefit event from start to finish beginning in the development stages with a FREE evaluation. Discovering great ways to reach your objectives, we will work in conjunction with your team, contributing helpful templates and novel ideas.

Advancing your cause to our utmost ability, we will be the ambassadors for your organization all through the fundraising event. Providing enthusiasm and entertainment for your bidders, Kevin will sell them on your organization and motivate generosity. If deemed necessary, we will be the master of ceremonies or supply additional personnel for ringmen. Kevin stages a lucrative and exciting live auction and cultivates vigorous bidding in the silent auction.

It is important for Hot Auctioneering to still be there to show gratitude to your donors when your charity auction is over. We will also regroup with your team at a debriefing following the charity event, already facilitating the set up for our next yearly event. To ensure that the future fundraising event is even more impressive, we will confer about what worked well and which things ought to be adjusted.

Hiring Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering will make you money, not cost you money at your upcoming benefit event!

To request a free no obligation consultation, click here. Call me on the phone if you prefer. I can’t wait to hear from you. I am ready to share lots of ideas on how you can have a successful event!

Vail Charity Auctioneer

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