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Vail Benefit Auctioneers, Hot Auctioneering, is a Vail Benefit Auctioneer. Kevin Rutter is the most prominent Vail benefit auctioneer for your Vail benefit social event. Kevin of Hot Auctioneering is picked by Vail fundraisers as their Vail benefit auctioneer.

Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering is more than just your hired auctioneer, we are your fundraising auction consultants! More than just providing services as a professional fundraising auctioneer, we help with all of your benefit event from beginning to end, starting off in the planning phase with a FREE evaluation. Kevin will work with your team members, contributing novel ideas and templates, discovering ways to accomplish your goals.

During the charity event, we will act as representatives for your charity, endorsing your cause to our greatest ability. Bringing excitement and fun to your donors, Hot Auctioneering will promote benevolence and sell them on your nonprofit organization. We act as the master of ceremonies and provide added personnel for floor staff if necessary. While generating active bidding at the silent auction, Hot Auctioneering puts on a profitable and entertaining live auction.

When your fundraising event is over, it’s important for us to be present to show appreciation to your bidders. In order to make arranging for our event next year easier, Kevin will also plan to join your committee for a debriefing subsequent to the charity event. We will discuss what turned out well and what ought to be changed for the future gala event to be even more lucrative.

Hiring Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering will make you money, not cost you money at your upcoming gala event!

To request a free no obligation consultation, click here. Call me on the phone if you prefer. I can’t wait to hear from you. I am ready to share lots of ideas on how you can have a successful event!

Vail Benefit Auctioneer

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