Fort Collins Fundraising Auctioneer

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Fort Collins Fundraising Auctioneer, Kevin Rutter, is Fort Collins Fundraising Auctioneers. The most superb Fort Collins fundraising auctioneer for your Fort Collins fundraising affair is Kevin. Fort Collins organizations hire Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering as their Fort Collins fundraising auctioneer.

More than just your hired auctioneer, Hot Auctioneering’s Kevin Rutter is your charity auction consultant! We do more than just provide services as a professional benefit auctioneer. Beginning to end, we will be helping with all of your fundraising event starting off in the planning phase with a FREE evaluation. Adding novel templates and ideas, Kevin will work in conjunction with your team members, identifying innovative ways to reach your goals.

Supporting the cause to our utmost ability throughout your charity event, we will be acting as representatives of your nonprofit. Hot Auctioneering brings a thrilling experience and entertainment for your donors, selling them on your charity and fostering generosity. If required, we offer emcee services and/or extra staff for bid-spotting. While carrying out a fruitful and fun live auction, Hot Auctioneering fostering the silent auction for lively bidding.

At the end of your charity event, Hot Auctioneering will still be there with you expressing gratitude to your bidders. We will also regroup with your committee at a review meeting following the event, already aiding you in designing our next yearly event. To assure that the upcoming event is even more productive, we will talk about what turned out well and which parts should be adjusted.

Hiring Kevin Rutter of Hot Auctioneering will make you money, not cost you money at your next fundraising event!

To request a free no obligation consultation, click here. Call me on the phone if you prefer. I can’t wait to hear from you. I am ready to share lots of ideas on how you can have a successful event!

Fort Collins Fundraising Auctioneer

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