The Top 25 Most Charitable Cities

The Top 25 Most Charitable Cities

Charities are being hit hard by the recession, just like everyone else. Charitable giving dropped 3.6 percent, regardless of the financial stabilization. There is some good news though. The national volunteer rate rose 26.8 percent, resulting in 8.1 billion hours of service.  Those volunteer hours are important donations but all nonprofits must still pay the bills with cash.  Where your nonprofit is located in the United States may make a difference in your potential fundraising.  At the end of 2010, the Daily Beast conducted research to determine the most charitable giving cities.  There may be some surprises on the list.

#1 Seattle

#2 San Francisco

#3 Kansas City

#4 Atlanta

#5 Dallas

#6 Minneapolis-St. Paul

#7 Portland, Organ

#8 Washington, DC

#9 Houston

#10 Denver

# 11 Los Angeles

#12 Philadelphia

#13 Detroit

#14 New York City

#15 St. Lious

#16 Pittsburgh

#17 Chicago

#18 Cincinnati

#19 Boston

#20 San Diego

#21 Cleveland

#22 Phoenix

#23 Miami

#24 Milwaukee

#25 Tampa-ST. Petersburg

Don’t worry if the city your organization operates out of is not on the list.  With today’s technology, these generous donors can spread their wealth across the globe.  Sometimes non-profit organizations just need to know that they can keep on trying and that many giving people are out there, wanting to support them. In this time of recession, it sure is good to know that charitable giving is strong in the United States and givers still care for the less fortunate.

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