School Fundraising Auctions in a Tight Economy

I recently performed a very successful school fundraising auction for an extremely happy and grateful group of parents and faculty. I wanted to share their success to give other schools and organizations hope that they really can make a difference. Caring parents and school administrators are finding ways to solve funding problems with their own [...]

Charity Auctions – Getting Your Bidders to Buy!

Fundraising auctions and benefit galas take a substantial amount of time and effort to organize. Your nonprofit organization needs to take advantage of every opportunity to encourage great dividends. If you are careful about audience development, which I have discussed in previous blogs, then you have the right people coming to your charity event. The [...]

Sponsors and Corporate Tables at Your Charity Gala Event

Most experienced charity organizations have found an advantage when hosting a charity gala event -- selling corporate tables and soliciting sponsors. These important tools can bring in extra revenue to underwrite the cost of your event, attract the right buyers to be a part of your audience, and bring exposure of your event and cause [...]

Building the Best Charity Auction Audience

So you're planning a benefit and charity event for your nonprofit organization. Your volunteers have been working hard gathering donations to be auctioned at your fundraising event. The catering is being planned, the venue has been reserved, the auctioneer has been hired. What is the biggest thing you can do to make your event a [...]

Fundraising With Twitter

I discovered and wonderful idea that I thought I would pass on. It's quick and easy! If you tweet, choose a charity that can benefit from it.  You can use tweet&give to do all your tweeting and contribute to a good cause at the same time.  The charities that you can choose to support: Doctors [...]

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The Top 25 Most Charitable Cities

Charities are being hit hard by the recession, just like everyone else. Charitable giving dropped 3.6 percent, regardless of the financial stabilization. There is some good news though. The national volunteer rate rose 26.8 percent, resulting in 8.1 billion hours of service.  Those volunteer hours are important donations but all nonprofits must still pay the [...]

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Professional benefit auctioneers, charity auctioneers and fundraising auctioneers for charity auction fundraisers

Professional benefit auctioneers, charity auctioneers, and fundraising auctioneers for charity auction fundraisers Looking for a professional charity auctioneer, benefit auctioneer, or fundraising auctioneer to conduct your next charity auction? Are you planning a benefit auction and need new fundraising ideas? What is the difference between a benefit auctioneer, a charity auctioneer, or a fundraising auctioneer? [...]

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Meat-Flavored Water? A Cheeseburger in a Bottle?

            Last week, I blogged about the benefits of selling unique items at auction.  However, things like Till Krautkraemer’s meat water is not what we had in mind.  His business created a fake new beverage called meat water.  It is said to come in every meat flavor you can name, hamburger, steak, fish anything!  Yuck!  [...]

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The Most Scammed States

Have you ever gotten an email asking for your credit card number?  Almost everyone has.  "Send us your bank account and routing number, and we will send you Prince Soandso's secret inheritance."  Does anyone fall for that stuff?  They must because the emails keep coming.  Scams and identity theft cost innocent people millions of dollars every year.  [...]

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